Dr. Nima Lachini

Dr. Nima Lachini graduated on the Dean’s Honor List upon completing both his Doctor of Optometry and Bachelor of Science degrees at the University of Waterloo.

During his time as an undergraduate student, Dr. Lachini was a teaching assistant in Microbiology and Human Anatomy. He enjoyed learning on his own, but also appreciated learning from his teaching experiences with fellow students.

In his final year of Optometry, Dr. Lachini completed his contact lens, binocular vision and low vision training at the University of Waterloo clinic. In addition, he completed his ocular disease externship at the Scarborough Eye Associates where he was supervised and trained under a retinal specialist. He was routinely exposed to ocular disease management and ocular emergencies.

Dr. Lachini performs comprehensive eye examinations on all ages, including refraction, binocular vision testing and ocular health management including dilated diabetic eye exams. He is currently working at the Markham and Richmond Hill Eye Health Clinic and accepting new patients and enjoys seeing his returning patients.

In his personal time, Dr. Lachini routinely reads articles and literature in all areas of science and Optometry, enjoys an active lifestyle, travelling to new places trying new things.